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Registration and roll out at start / finish line from 7:30am

Course open for practice 8:00am – 8:30 am

 Racing Starts at 8:30am

  • 8:30am Under 11 (boys & girls) 10 mins + 2 laps
  • 8:50am Under 13 (boys & girls) 15 mins + 2 laps
  • 9:15am Under 15 Girls        20 mins + 3 laps
  • 9:15am Under 17 Girls        25 mins + 3 laps
  • 9:55am Under 15 Boys (A&B)       20 mins + 3 laps
  • 10:25am Under 17 Boys (A&B)       25 mins + 3 laps

11:00am approx Finish

Depending on the number of entries per age category this schedule may change.

Riders are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the circuit, but once the racing has commenced, no other riders are permitted on the course.

Time Bonus

1st place = 10sec, 2nd place = 6sec, 3rd place = 4sec

Parking via Cobden Street


Start 1:30pm Start order will be: U11, U13, U15, U17

30 second intervals between riders, with a few minutes between age categories to move the turnaround point.

3:30pm approx Finish

ROAD RACE – Sunday 

Note: Mt Buffalo road will be closed at 7:30 am at the gate

  • U11 Start time Boys 8:25am Girls 8:30am – Mt Buffalo Chalet
  •  U13 start time: Boys 8:00am Girls 8:20am – Rollason’s falls carpark
  • U15 Start time: Boys 7:40am Girls 7:45am – Berrett lane Porepunkah (TT starting point)
  • U17 start time: Boys 7:40am Girls 7:45am – Junction Rd (TT finish point)


Location: Pioneer Park/Coronation Ave (traffic management in place). There will be no lead/follow cars.

Parking: MTB park trail head on Coronation Ave


Time Trial is on an open road and requires a red rear tail light.

Normal road rules apply at all times and riders must ensure they keep as far left of the road as possible at all times. Riders must NOT ride more than 2 abreast and must NOT cross the centreline of the road (except at turnaround point).

TT bars/extensions NOT permitted for any age category due to the descent.

All competitors will start on Barrett Lane and turn left onto the Mount Buffalo Road, ride to a turnaround point (age dependent) and then back to the finish line (opposite the start line)

Parking: On/next to Junction Rd.

Presentations to commence after stage 2.


A single lane uphill road closure will be in place from 7:30am until 10:30am. All spectators need to enter the Mount Buffalo National Park before 7:30am and proceed directly to the finish at Dingo Dell.

See each stage for start/finish/course details.


Registration: Saturday 20th April from 7.30am @ Pioneer Park Criterium start/finish area.


For the Time Trial rider’s place 1 number in the middle of the back. For the Road Race and Criterium, 2 numbers are required on the rider’s back. Frame numbers to be fitted to the seat post for all races.


Competitors must have a red light operating on either the seat post or right rear seat stay of their bike.  The light must be operational during the entire event and must visible from 200 metres to the rear.


You will be issued a transponder at registration, check it against your race number and mount it to your bike. Securely mount the transponder with a cable tie on the front fork as low as possible.

If you do not have a transponder on your bike your race time will not be recorded.

The transponder is your responsibility & must be returned at the conclusion of Stage 3. Any transponders lost or damaged during the event will incur a replacement fee.


NO spare wheels will be provided during Saturdays Time Trials or Sundays road race. Rider’s can fix a mechanical issue themselves or be collected by the tail vehicle.


A condition of the permits issued for the event from Parks Victoria, Victoria Police and Vicroads is that NO vehicles other than OFFICAL vehicles can follow the race. A Single Lane Uphill Road Closure will be implemented from 7:30 am. This will significantly reduce the volume of vehicles on the road during the event and will help in providing a safer environment for the competitors.

Only the OFFICIAL race photographers, motorcycle scouts and race officials will be allowed to travel up the mountain at the same time as the competitors.


If for any reason conditions warrant, the Road Race will be neutralised. In such circumstances a red flag will be displayed from the lead vehicle.


There will be NO feed zone during the event. Any riders given food or drink during the event will face disqualification & possible fine.

The café at Dingo Dell will be open from 8:00am on Sunday morning for coffee and light refreshments.


As the event is being conducted in a National Park there are a number of additional rules that must be adhered to.

  1. All competitors & officials must comply with all park regulations
  2. Competitors & officials of the event do not have exclusive rights to any of the visitor facilities in the Park, including car parks & picnic areas.  Other visitors must not be excluded from these areas.
  3. Competitors & officials must keep to existing trails and roads; this must be strictly adhered to given the fragile nature of a sub-alpine environment.
  4. All rubbish must be placed in the bins provided or taken by the individual when they leave the park.
  5. No marking or writing is permitted on any of the roads.
  6. Native plants are not to be damaged or removed.
  7. No Pets or Animals are allowed in the National Park


It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure they have the correct roll out prior to each stage.

U11/13= 5.5m U15= 6.1m U17= 7.0m

All competitors will be rolled out before the Criterium and Time trial, the top 5 will be rolled out after the Road Race .

Riders failing rollout won’t be allowed to ride that stage but can continue in the tour if they pass rollout for the next stage


The visitor centre near the finish on Sunday at Dingo Dell has change room & toilet facilities available.


Presentations for the Time Trial and the Criterium will commence at the conclusion of the Time Trial on Saturday afternoon once results have been confirmed.

Sunday’s presentations will take place near the finish area or at the Visitor Centre depending on weather conditions. Place-getters are required to wear full riding kit for presentations. Hats or sunglasses are not to be worn.


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